Building Your Lipstick Wardrobe
from Glamour Every Day by Carolyn Brundage

Your LBD is hanging in your closet, recently dry cleaned and ready to dance. You know which tees and heels pair perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans and you’re not afraid to use ‘em. But when it comes to lipstick, your usually stylish self is stuck in a rut; one that most likely involves lip gloss in some shade of peach, plum or pink.

This week, I’m breaking out one of my special talents – the ability to sport lips that are crimson, fuchsia, deep, dark purple and beyond – and sharing my secrets for moving from that safe shade of gloss to a sexy new hue that’s just right for you.

Rockin’ Red

There’s only one thing you need to sport red lips: confidence. Contrary to popular belief, lips don’t have to be plump or perfect to rock red but you do have to “own” the look. Lip liner is a must, as is lip primer and, of course, a quality lipstick that’s built to last. (Watching your red lipstick bleed hurts us as much as it hurts you.) Step one: Exfoliate and moisturize lips. Step two: Apply a coat of primer (I like Laura Geller’s Lip Spackle.) Step three: Line lips with a nude liner or, if you’re super steady with those hands, opt for a red liner. Step four: Fill ‘em in and get ready to flaunt ‘em. For super long wear, blot lips with a tissue after step four, apply a translucent powder, and then fill lips in again with a crème or matte lipstick.

Haute Pink

When it comes to hot pink lips, the Don’ts are more important than the Dos. Whether you call it fuchsia, or magenta, the secret to wearing all shades of pink well is to skip the frost, gloss and sparkle. And yes, I’m talking to you. This advice applies to anyone between the ages of 12 and 82. Hot pink lipstick works best in clear, crisp hues and matte or crème formulas.  Don’t wear hot pink lipstick with hot pink shirts, dresses, earrings, etc. You get the picture.  Don’t sport fuchsia with your animal print Roberto Cavalli, but do think of that “haute” pink pucker as an unexpected element to complement an otherwise understated outfit.

Pucker up Purple

Deep, dark purple, from eggplant to aubergine, is very of the moment thanks either to the world’s recent obsession with vampires or our timeless infatuation with the lady as a vamp. Unlike red and pink, I prefer to see this season’s purple as an imperfect stain on lips or a glistening gloss.  While the darkest skin tones may find vampish purples extremely wearable, even fair-skinned ladies can opt for this season’s uber dark lipstick look by applying a swipe of lip balm topped with a dark purple lipstick of choice. Apply both with your fingers to achieve a chic once-bitten look for lips. To get the look, try Sephora’s Lip Attitude Star lipstick shimmers ($12 each) in Audacious Violet, a berry purple, Plum Vertigo, a sheer violet, and Cocoa Excess, a purple chocolate. Or, opt to shine on with Love Junkie Lip Junkie Lip gloss from Urban Decay ($19).

SMACK! That’s the sound of you kissing your basic, boring gloss goodbye.

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